La Intención (The Intention)

DIRECTION: Marta de Gonzalo, Publio Pérez Prieto

"The intention" is an artistic project on education and for an audiovisual literacy. Since its inception, it was not conceived as a project with a closed end or formalisation, but it has resulted in many developments and can produce others in the future. Its main formalisations have been a series of four video works, a book for their educational use, an artistic installation and a series of workshops and discussions with teachers and art professionals. "The intention" has a demanding audiovisual language, which requires paying attentionsimultaneouslyto several tracks, crossing voices that sometimes seem to lead the viewer to a non fulfilled understanding will, which requires alertness and rebuild- construct meanings within us, using this difficulty as main formal audiovisual strategy. A woman's voice is describing a world that we don't have, in which education and other public services of the welfare state have led human societies to a different understanding of the common. Images-time, motion images and still images add layers to this fiction, forcing a rereading over what we do have. It's not a virtuous work either in terms of audiovisual technique or construction of neat images. It wants to show that anyone can make their own images and share them. Instead of a complaint, this project evokes a conscious and demanding existence which, against all odds and in days like these, concentrates on the creation of an imaginary which can allow us to make a better reality.