[ 3 ] Critical Education- Formal and Non-Formal.

Oriol Fontdevila / La Fundició

Location :Barcelona

Independent curator and art critic, Oriol Fontdevila is member of the management group of the Sala d'Art Jove, a public gallery supported by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. He is also working in the projects Open source prototypes at Fundació Antoni Tàpies (Barcelona) and coordinates the programme Study in A*DESK, Independent Institute of Criticism and Contemporary Art.

La Fundició
is a cooperative that works at the crossroads of artistic and cultural practices and education. Their main line of action is based on collaborative processes with different action groups and institutions. 





Location :Barcelona

Sinapsis is a cultural organisation that produces artistic projects, research, consultancies and educational and mediation processes. By means of collaborative methodologies it articulates relations between the art sphere and specific non-artistic contexts.



Carmen Mörsch

Location :Zurich

Since 2008 Carmen Mörsch has headed the Institute for Art Education (IAE) at the University of Arts, Zurich, Switzerland. The Institute for Art Education’s research is developed at the intersection of current cultural theories, artistic practices and the development of educational theory in art education. 



Javier Rodrigo & Aida Sánchez de Serdio

Location :Barcelona

Javier Rodrigo, independent researcher and art educator, co-founder and organiser of Transductores.

Aida Sanchez de Serdio holds a PhD in Fine Arts and is lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. Both as teacher and researcher she specializes in visual culture, visuality and the politics of representation, collaborative art practices, arts education, cultural pedagogy, cultural politics, and qualitative research.


Marta de Gonzalo & Publio Pérez Prieto

Location :Madrid

Marta de Gonzalo and Publio Pérez Prieto (Madrid, 1971/ Mérida, 1973), conceive cultural production as a poetical and formal representation instrument that enables both personal and collective critical attitudes. They work as high-school teachers, developing a reflection labor and an artistic practice about audiovisual education and critical pedagogy. They have developed practices on education for teachers and artists, as well as projects on self-representation with young people. Between 1999 and 2003, they were part of the collective project Circo Interior Bruto. They have directed the Injuve Residences for young artists (2005-2007) and currently they are part of Las lindes, a research and action group on education, art and cultural practices in the CA2M (Móstoles, Madrid).